Standard Mask



100% Cotton
Two 7” x 9” rectangles of fabric


¼ inch flat
3/8 inch flat
2mm cord


Double fold bias tapes – sew the ends to keep from fraying
100% Cotton fabric sewn like bias tape

Standard Mask

Final dimensions: 3 ¼” x 8”

Supplies needed:

Two 7” x 9” rectangles of 100% Cotton fabric
– two 6.5” lengths of Elastic
OR four 12” lengths of fabric ties
OR four 12” lengths of bias tape
– Cotton thread

Step 1


Two 7” x 9” rectangles of fabric.

Step 2


Pieces on top of each other, right sides together.

Step 3

Straps Using Elastic


Elastic on the bottom piece of fabric.
(one end in each corner)
Repeat for the other side.

Step 3.5

Straps Using Ties


One end of tie onto one corner of the fabric.
Repeat for each corner

Step 4


Place top fabric piece back on top of the bottom piece.

Step 4.5


Top fabric piece back on top of the bottom piece.

Step 5


Starting in the middle of the long edge, use a ¼” seam to sew around the entire rectangle, stopping in order to leave a 1.5” opening.

Make sure to double back over elastic and ensure all the pieces are attached to each other.

Step 6


Flip mask right side out and flatten.

Ironing may be helpful for this step.

Step 7


Fold the fabric upward and pin in order to create 3 pleats in the front of the mask.

Step 8


Sew all the way around the mask twice in order to ensure everything is secured in place.

Step 9


Now you have a completed standard mask with pleats!

Detailed instructions from Deaconess:

How to Make a Face Mask

  What you will need:

– Cotton fabric, a pretty print is best.

– Rope Elastic, beading cord elastic will work (you may also use ¼” flat elastic)

– Cut the elastic 6.5” long and tie a knot at each end
(DO NOT knot the ends if using flat)

  1. Put right sides of cotton fabric together
    Cut 9” x 7”
  1. Starting at the center of the bottom edge, sew to the first corner, stop.
    Sew the elastic with the

edge out into the corner. A few stitches forward and back will hold this.

  1. Sew to the next corner, stop, and bring the other end of the same elastic to
    the corner and sew a few stitches forward and back.
  1. Now sew across that top of the mask to the next corner. Again put an elastic
    with the edge out.
  2. Sew to the next corner and sew in the other end of the same elastic.
  3. Sew across the bottom leaving about 1.5” to 2” open. Stop, cut the thread.
    Turn inside out.
  4. Pin 3 tucks on each side of the mask. Make sure the tucks are the same direction
  5. Sew around the edge of the mask twice.

It is so easy to make this,
be sure any fabric design is placed horizontally.