2 Pieces of contrasting 100% cotton pre-washed fabric: 2/3 yd each

  •  Cutting 2 circles per cap
  •  You can use 2 Quilter’s Quarters for a small-sized cap


23- 25 inches of 1/4” or 3/8” wide elastic


6- 48 inches of bias tape/cording to tie

Step 1


Cut 2 circles from your contrasting fabrics. An easy way to make a circle is to fold your fabric in half then into fourths. From the center measure and mark 11” or 12” for larger caps and 9” or 10” for a smaller cap. Cut from mark to mark. Or you can use a string attached to a pencil to draw a circle. Hold string at center point and mark the circle on the fabric. Cut.

Step 2


Pin Right Sides together and sew around the circle leaving about 4”-5” open for turning the circle to Right Side Out.
a. FOR TIES: If making with TIES: be sure that the
ends of your opening seams are very secure by reversing your stitch a couple of times.
(This area will take a lot of pulling during use.) Turn right side out.

Step 3


Pick out the fabric from the seam and quickly press. Press the opening fabric to match up with the seam.

Step 4


If using bias tape or making ties, make a mark on the opposite edge of your circle from the opening. At the end, you will be making an anchor stitch there so the tie does not come out in the laundry.

Step 5


Sew a casing for your elastic or tie. Casing should be wider than your elastic or bias tape. Be careful when sewing this! If you get too narrow you will have problems feeding in your elastic and will have to rip it out. You do not need to leave an opening on this step.

Step 6

Sewing the casing:

Feed your elastic or tie through the casing using a safety pin or a tool called a bobkin. Halfway through, pin the opposite end of your elastic to the fabric so it doesn’t get pulled into the casing.

Step 7

If using ELASTIC:

Pull enough elastic out to pin to the opposite side elastic. Pin and sew elastic ends to each other securely. Even out your gathers.

If making TIES:

Even out your gathers and even out the tie length on each side. Then go to the mark on the opposite side, which is the front of the cap, and sew across the casing to anchor this tie in place so it will not get pulled out during the laundry process.

Step 8

If using ELASTIC:

Sew the opening to close it.

If making TIES:

Sew the raw edges of the fabric down at the opening.

Larger cap (22” across) with elastic

Smaller cap (18” across) with ties of bias tape