Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to our most commonly asked questions.

I have fabric, elastic, bias tape, or thread to donate. What do I do with it?

Please go to the Donate Materials page and fill out the form. We’d be happy to take your supplies!

I want to sew, but I don’t have supplies. How can I get some supplies?

Please join us on our Facebook page. Click on the Announcements link.  Scroll down to the Donations post with a blue background and add a comment of what you have to donate!   See what supplies have been offered as donations and arrange to pick the needed supplies up to begin sewing!

Are there any kits that I can get to sew and help make masks?

Check our Facebook Page daily to see what kits are available.

I am struggling to make the pleats on my masks, what can I do?

Here is a video that might be helpful in making pleats.  Be sure to get the iron out and press your pleats flat to help hold them in place.


What Patterns is our group using?

* We are ONLY using the four patterns below.   It is important to keep this to these patterns so that we are consistent in what we are giving to facilities. 

1.  Standard Face Mask Pattern – click here

2.  N95 Cover Pattern –  click here

3.  Face Mask with Filter Pocket –  click here

4.  3 Minute Mask – click here

What Fabrics can be used with the patterns in this group?

* 100% Cotton that is a tight weave.  Any patterns or colors.  NO stretchy fabrics.

* PUL fabric.  Any patterns or colors.

Face Masks  2 layers of 100% Cotton

N95 Covers

option A- 1 layer of PUL fabric on the outside & 1 layer of 100% Cotton

option B- 2 layers of 100% Cotton

Face Mask with Filter Pocket  2 layers of 100% Cotton

How do I make Ties to add to the masks?

Click here for a document on how to make fabric ties for your masks instead of using elastic

What Elastics can be used with the patterns in this group?

  • ¼” flat elastic – any color
  • 2mm round/cord elastic- any color
  • Extra long hair bands – any color
  • Elastic head bands – any color
What if I cannot find elastic because it is sold out everywhere?

If you are unable to find any elastic available locally or online, please refer to the link on “How do I make or add Ties to the masks” and make fabric ties instead.